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The objective of this initiative is to retain outstanding students in the Department’s graduate programs by supporting successful and uninterrupted studies when unanticipated financial needs arise. The fund is not designed to support on-going financial needs of students.

GPHA will provide limited financial support (one-time support, up to $1,000) to students with defined need. The fund is for students in any of the Department’s graduate degree programs who:

  1. Have successfully completed at least one semester of coursework;
  2. Demonstrate an unexpected change in financial status and/or unanticipated financial circumstances;
  3. Are currently making satisfactory progress toward their degree (“good standing” as verified by Program Director).

Note: Students are eligible to receive one award from this Fund during their time in their program. At this time, students enrolled only in graduate certificate programs are not eligible.

How to Apply

Students will submit a request for funding to the Department Chair with the following items:

  1. Copy of unofficial UAB transcript.
  2. List of current funding granted or anticipated for the current academic year (e.g., scholarships, grants, loans, etc.).
  3. Personal statement of up to 500 words addressing these prompts:
    1. Describe the financial hardship you are experiencing. We invite you to include any particular barrier or hardship you think is relevant for us to consider (be specific). Note that this could be something you need to buy or do immediately in order to proceed in your studies, an opportunity that you did not anticipate that requires financial support, or many other situations.
    2. Amount requested. Describe what level of financial award would positively impact your current and/or future ability to realize your academic and professional goals? If documents are available, please provide them.

Materials should be collected in a single PDF file and submitted via email to Randa Hall, Associate Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Selection Process

Committee of GPHA Board Members and the Department Chair will review submitted applications. Students may be contacted to provide more information. After receiving funds, the student will confirm receipt and that the funds were spent in the manner expected.