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  •  A healthcare professional in a white lab coat uses predictive analytics to solve the healthcare challenges of tomorrow

    Solving Emergency Crowding Through Analytics - UAB Health Informatics

    The COVID-19 pandemic revealed new threats and opportunities throughout global healthcare infrastructure. As the world grappled with a deadly virus, healthcare professionals faced logistical challenges from the front lines. Now, with lockdowns lifted and the world of healthcare forever changed by the pandemic, what lessons can we learn and use to improve our hospitals, urgent care facilities, and emergency rooms moving forward?

  • A female doctor wearing virtual reality goggles describes the experience to looming colleagues

    Top 4 UX Trends That Will Continue to Shape the Healthcare Industry

    Technology is rapidly bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, allowing for better care and greater understanding, especially when compared to what can be achieved in brief, in-person appointments. By employing technology to enhance the user experience (UX), healthcare providers are able to collect more data, customize treatments, and attend to patients no matter where they are.

  • A doctor explains technology’s role in understanding healthcare challenges

    Hallmarks of a Great Master’s in Health Informatics Program in Health Informatics

    The field of health informatics is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers around the world. By using remote diagnostics and machine learning (among numerous other tech advancements), health informatics aims to create cutting-edge healthcare solutions throughout the industry, transforming the way we provide and receive care.

  •  Emerging HIT trends

    Top 5 Emerging Trends in HIT - Healthcare For the Future

    At this moment, nearly a quarter into the 21st century, data collection has revolutionized how we look at our world. As wave after wave of data are collected and analyzed, new and actionable insights come into focus. Some industries use those data to advertise, while others deploy it in the prediction of elections. But in the healthcare industry, this information represents a tremendous step forward in the treatment of ailments big and small.

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    FAQ: How Can UAB Health Informatics Strengthen My Healthcare Career?

    With projections of 2.4 million new jobs in the healthcare industry over the next ten years, the time has never been better to pursue a career in health informatics.

  • UAB Health Informatics

    3 Reasons to Apply to the UAB Health Informatics Master’s Program

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations will grow by 15 percent in the next decade. With more and more healthcare jobs being added to the economy, it’s the perfect time to pursue a graduate degree in the medical industry.

  • Health Informatics

    Health Informatics Impact on Covid-19 Made a Difference, This is How

    Health Informatics (HI) came into the spotlight during COVID-19. The sheer volume and velocity of data collected necessitated tools and technology to analyze and organize information. One primary purpose of health informatics centers on improving healthcare outcomes while improving patient care and lowering healthcare costs.

  • Feldman receives HIMSS Changemaker in Health award

    University of Alabama at Birmingham professor Sue Feldman, R.N., Ph.D., is one of 11 people around the world named a recipient of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Changemaker in Health Award. The award is determined by a public vote, making it a unique representation of the voices of the health care industry.