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Thanks to Generous Supporters Like You

We raised $1.1 million within six months and doubled the impact of available funding for students. More importantly, more money means we can help more students. People like first-generation college students' Jamond Glass (MSHA Class 55) and Miranda Zaragoza (MSHA Class 56) can change their family trajectory.

3 Donors 450pxStories like theirs and stories like yours do not stop – they endure generation after generation.

Thanks to your generosity, the generosity of more than 100 donors so far, and the generosity of our corporate partners like TMB Equity/Courmed and Capital Growth Medvest, you all now play a pivotal role in a student’s life story and the story of the top ranked MSHA program in the United States.

“We are #1 because of our rich community: the best alumni, students, faculty, staff, preceptors and more.”
— CHRISTY HARRIS LEMAK, PhD, Chair, Department of Health Services Administration

“If we want our program to remain #1, then we need to do the same thing we do in our health systems - continue to differentiate ourselves from the rest.”
— CHUCK STOKES, MSHA Class 17, former President/CEO, Memorial Hermann

Endowments Support Our Program Goals

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In only six months, we welcomed 18 new endowments supporting scholarships, professional development, women's mentorship, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and more. This would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of our ONE MSHA Campaign Committee. A special thanks to each of them for their dedication and their time:

Neeysa Biddle (Class 26, BSAH 1989), Bob Chapman (Class 6), Gordon Ferguson (Class 18), Christy H. Lemak, Tom Miller (Class 18), Jim Shmerling (Class 14), Chuck Stokes (Class 17), Jon Vice (Class 7), Mike Williams (Class 14).

New Endowments

We encourage you to download our pledge form today and join all these legendary health care leaders above and below who already support the ONE MSHA campaign.

◗ Mark E. Anderson
◗ Nancy & Michael Borkowski
◗ Jim & Tina Burkhart
◗ John Casey
◗ Gordon & Cindy Ferguson
◗ Richard Hammett

◗ S. Robert Hernandez
◗ Kim & Ellen Hollon
◗ Christy & Mark Lemak
◗ Rica Lewis-Payton
◗ Capital Growth Medvest
◗ Derrick Miles /
TMB Equity Partners

◗ Tom & Mary Miller
◗ Doris Reinhart
◗ Kevin Crawford Sass
◗ Ryan Simpson
◗ Sandra Thurmond
◗ Jon Vice
◗ Joseph Zasa

Join Our Campaign Today

It isn’t too late for you to join our campaign. To remain #1, we need to attract the best. And to do that, we need your financial support. Please contact Thomas Giffin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started. Or click the image below to download and print our pledge form.

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