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We live and work in a diverse, multicultural society. Now, more than ever, it is vital that our MSHA program incorporates classroom instruction, external experience and unique programming that is culturally responsive.

It is not only the right thing to do - but it is an essential component of our department’s mission to develop leaders to shape tomorrow’s health care. Our program's diversity is on the rise and it will only continue to increase with your support.

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All too often, a student’s decision comes down to one number and it is not the #1 ranking; it is the financial figure that goes with a graduate degree. You can help us - the program you are so proud of - attract the best students available.

  • class photoYou can further support scholarships that already make a difference in the lives of most deserving students exist.
  • You can contribute to opportunities like our Academy for Addressing Health Disparities, Leadership and Executive Access Program (LEAP), GPHA Board, Annual Women's Leadership Meeting and more.
  • And you can establish your own Endowed Scholarship in your name, or your family's name, or even in honor of someone who impacted your life.

The choice is yours. The benefit is theirs.

“These students have chosen to begin a career in health care during an extremely challenging time. Although the first year experience will be different than in years past, I am encouraged for the future based on the commitment of these young professionals.”
— AMY Y. LANDRY, PhD, MSHA Class 35, Howard W. Houser Endowed Professor in Health Administration and Director, Graduate Programs in Healthcare Administration

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What does it mean to you to be a part of the #1 ranked MSHA program?

When applying for graduate school, I was sure that I would not be able to be a part of UAB MSHA due to the financial constraints of being an out-of-state and independent self-supporting student. The program’s commitment to hear me, understand me, and do their best to support my dreams makes it so clear why they are #1; UAB MSHA is dedicated to providing well-rounded support. To be a part of the #1 ranked MSHA programs means being a part of a system that is like a close-knit family. It means being presented with unique professional development opportunities to optimize our chance of making a positive impact in healthcare. It means having access to meet, collaborate with, and learn from diverse health care leaders.

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What makes you most excited about the MSHA program?

The many opportunities to develop my skills, build relationships, and expand my knowledge during the program. The experiences here at UAB cannot be re-created at any other program I am truly grateful for the support of the faculty, the alumni, and my cohort, Class 55, who make this experience so rewarding.

What have you learned working during COVID? How did the MSHA Program prepare you?

This summer, I have spent time volunteering at UAB’s COVID test site and interning remotely at Hartford Healthcare (Hartford, CT). In this time, I have learned that change can happen rapidly, and communities depend on healthcare organization’s preparedness and ability to adapt. In response to COVID, my internship transitioned to a virtual setting. During the spring, the MSHA program’s quick response to finish virtually prepared me for the challenges of working remotely.

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What do you want alumni to know about today’s MSHA program?

I want to make sure they know that none of the things I have learned would have been possible without the collaboration of my peers. My growth and successes are the result of the opportunity to work with the people in my cohort and the faculty, staff and alumni of the MSHA program.

Why did you choose the MSHA program?

I came to UAB knowing I lacked certain skills and that I would acquire them here because the MSHA program is shaping me to be who I am today and who I will be in the future. I have never thought of where I will be in three or five years, my mentality is what will my grandkids think of me. This journey at UAB is part of what will be on my epitaph.