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One Year LaterWe understand that everyone's personal financial situation is unique. Maybe the timing is not right for you today, but maybe the timing is perfect for your organization. Another way we can achieve our goal of remaining #1 MSHA prorgram is through corporate partnerships. Health care organizations are looking for the best employees and they know these come from the best programs.

Corporate support allows us to:

  • Attract the best students who become outstanding health care leaders.
  • Offer scholarships that make it possible for top students to attend.
  • Recruit diverse students with increased levels of financial need.
  • Meet the educational needs of the evolving health care industry.

We are proud to introduce to you two of our newest corporate partners. Both have been long-time friends. Both identified the ONE MSHA Campaign as the perfect opportunity to support the program.

Derrick Miles, TMB Equity Partners/Courmed

Derrick L. Miles, MSHA Class 34, has always been driven by an internal desire to do more and to impact people. The founder and CEO of CourMed, a technology company delivering healthcare items to your doorstep, has turned his attention to support students in the MSHA program.

“I am impressed by the diversity at UAB today. It was not diverse when I was there 20 years ago. Seeing a photo of today’s MSHA class encouraged me. UAB has done a great job increasing representation from all areas and promoting an atmosphere of equality. I definitely want to support advancing diversity.”

He established the TMB Equity Partners Endowed Scholarship in Health Administration for students who view health care through a big and broad lens. He hopes to inspire students with an entrepreneurial spirit to begin to look beyond the hospital or even the city they live in and see healthcare without limitations.

“I plan to play a role in helping them craft their career in acute care or otherwise. I will work with them to make the right connections that can help them succeed. I am proud to support my UAB MSHA family with this gift.”

Joe Baugh, Capital Growth Medvest

Joe Baugh is Co-Managing Partner of Capital Growth Medvest, a Birmingham-based health care real estate development and funding group that has completed well over $1 billion in health care developments and acquisitions. He knows a good deal when he sees one and a scholarship in support of #1 MSHA program in the U.S. was a no brainer.

“Getting to the top is not the hardest thing, it is staying at the top. It is not a one-year thing – it is a commitment year in and year out. To stay #1 you need people who believe in your mission, support your efforts and invest in your continued success. That is why we created a scholarship for the UAB MSHA program.”

The Capital Growth Medvest Endowed Scholarship in Health Administration will have a preference toward non-traditional students – those who are working parents or career changers that are pursuing higher education to better their lives and their families. But Baugh knows the scholarship will be important to whoever receives it and to the future of health care.

“Helping others is important to all of us and we know the leaders graduating from the UAB MSHA program are going to evolve with health care and change health care to make it whatever it will become in 20 or 40 years from now. We want to be there to help them every step of the way.”