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As part of the requirements for OT 750: Scholarly Inquiry I and OT 751: Scholarly Inquiry II, our entry-level OTD students must design and complete a scholarly study to demonstrate their mastery of key elements of quantitative and qualitative research design relevant to occupational therapy practice.

We invite you to explore the range of topic areas presented by our OTD students in these posters.

2022: OTD 1

pdfTrauma-Informed Care and Adolescents

Aja Amison, OTS, Brittany Bell, OTS, Jennifer Calano, OTS, Maria Jimenez, OTS, Car’Daijah Lewis, OTS, & Ashley Smith, OTS

pdfThe Impact of Yoga on Mental Health: A Systematic Review

Eleese Anthony, OTS, Heidi Bridges, OTS, Peyton Brown, OTS, Christina Morgan, OTS, Hannah C. Turner, OTS, & Meredith Wheeler, OTS

pdfExploring the Impact of Expressive Therapies on Military Veterans With PTSD

Jane Frances Armour, OTS, Anna Brooke Livingston, OTS, Michaela Pass, OTS, Sarah Bailey, OTS, Savannah Ray Ryan, OTS, & Alison Nicole Sortino, OTS

pdfSensory Integration Therapy and Occupational Performance in Children with Autism

Keira Ashford, OTS, Denae Baker, OTS, Ajah Griffin, OTS, Charslyn Patterson, OTS, & Kaylie Williamson, OTS

pdfUpdated Systematic Review: Effectiveness of CIMT and mCIMT in Patients With Upper-Extremity Dysfunction After Stroke

Megan Brooks, OTS, Jalysia Donaldson, OTS, Sadie Hare, OTS, Carlee Leatherman, OTS, Katherine Brian Martin, OTS, & Anna Page Thacker, OTS

pdfUnderstanding the Implications of Occupational Therapy Interventions for Adolescents with Mental Health Disorders: A Systematic Review

Haley Browning, OTS, Allie Davis, OTS, Bethany De Lisle, OTS, Macey Lane Holbrook, OTS, Kaisey Showers, OTS, & Hannah R. Turner, OTS

pdfThe Effects of Sport Participation on Psychosocial Health of Youth: An Updated Systematic Review

Madison Gaston, OTS, Melissa Pontius, OTS, Nicole Fernandez, OTS, Amanda Crowell, OTS, McKenzie Williams, OTS, & Allie Harpman, OTS

pdfThe Influence of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Social and Motor Skills in Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities

Baleigh Nelson, OTS, Katie Jackson, OTS, Priya Patel, OTS, Ashley Harris, OTS, Allie Dillard, OTS, & Conley Day, OTS

pdfDoes Music Therapy Increase the Overall Well-Being or Improve Quality of Life in People With Schizophrenia?

Annie Ozment, OTS, Grace Graves, OTS, Annie Pipkin, OTS, Makayla Shoots, OTS, Molly Welsh, OTS, & Sydney Wright, OTS

pdfThe Emotional, Behavioral, and Cognitive Implications of Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect in Children and Adolescents Aged 3–21 Years: A Systematic Review

Rachel Summerlin, OTS, Hannah Wilson, OTS, Sadie Rucker, OTS, Emma Sullins, OTS, Maggi Welch, OTS, & Mackenzie Steger, OTS