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Vice President Of Student Affairs


I have the privilege of serving as the Vice President for the UAB Division of Student Affairs where our sole purpose is to create programs, initiatives, opportunities and environments that support and contribute to student success.

Here at UAB, our goal is to be leaders in creating transformational experiences for our students. We work tirelessly to build a Division that would be the epitome of excellence and develop students into the best version of themselves. UAB Student Affairs provides students with opportunities for active learning, the removal of barriers to their success, and the establishment of spaces for community engagement.

Our strategic plan lays out our four-year roadmap to becoming a 21st Century model and includes the following priorities:

  • Wellbeing: We create supportive, sustainable campus environments in which students thrive and flourish. We promote holistic mental and physical health, addressing issues of resilience, access to nutritious food, health care, physical activity, personal development, social connection and active citizenship.
  • Inclusive Community: While recognizing and embracing UAB’s distinctive history and location, we create and sustain an inclusive community that recognizes and celebrates our diversity. We create brave, safe spaces for success, meaningful connections and welcoming environments intentionally designed to meet the needs of all its members.
  • Engagement & Learning: We are committed to student success and create learning opportunities and pathways for student involvement beyond the classroom. Students apply and practice classroom learning through active participation in co-curricular experiences that help them attain their personal, professional, and academic goals.
  • Organizational Enhancement: We are committed to providing a robust, responsive organization that is representative of and meets the needs of our students. We optimize the human, financial, and operational resources in key functional and student support areas to fully develop the Division’s capacity for positively shaping the student experience and professional experience of our staff.
  • Community Engagement: We promote active commitment to our communities by contributing knowledge, relationships, partnerships and expertise for the enrichment of society.

Through these strategic priorities, we strive to build on our strong foundation and foster the development of the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

Check out our strategic plan to see what we have in store for the next five years and let the learning and the fun begin!

Go Blazers!

John R. Jones, III