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2020 - 2026 STRATEGIC PLAN


Research on college student development shows that the time and energy students devote to educationally purposeful activities is the single best predictor of their learning and personal development. Therefore, we must assess student learning outside of the classroom to see if we have accomplished our strategic vision of creating transformational student experiences for students. To assist us in the way forward, each department within the Division of Student Affairs has adopted their respective unit’s Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS Standards) to guide their operation, programs, and services. CAS Standards serve as guidelines to measure our success according to effective industry practices. These standards have advanced student learning and development outcomes through the identification of specific content domains, which summarize elements of the co-curricular experience and typically result from students’ engagement with the programs and services offered through the Division of Student Affairs.

CAS Learning Outcome domains include:

  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration and application;
  • Cognitive complexity;
  • Intrapersonal development;
  • Interpersonal competence;
  • Humanitarianism and civic engagement; and
  • Practical competence

Utilizing these standards, the comprehensive strategic plan assessment presented herein, addresses each of these domains to varying degrees through the student experience and departments within the division. Our daily contact with students provides the primary basis for assessment of these learning and development imperatives. Each department will undergo a five – year assessment cycle, following specific guidelines for each cycle.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Benchmarking study
  • Internal review
  • External review
  • Process improvement and planning

Annually, the Division of Student Affairs departments develop goals that align with strategic priorities, objectives and values of the division. Departments infuse CAS learning outcomes within their goals, share progress related to the strategic plan as well as communicate changes and improvements based on assessment data. Our core values of Accountability and Excellence drive our assessment work.

Our overarching intention with assessment is to:

  • Demonstrate the value of our work in the Division of Student Affairs in transforming the student experience
  • Track the progress toward achieving our strategic priorities and evaluate program effectiveness
  • Examine impacts of student affairs programs and services on student success, i.e. retention, graduation, career ready competencies, and preparation for life after graduation
  • Infuse the latest research within higher education and student affairs to understand and respond to student needs and issues
  • Serve as a resource to the campus community to enhance student experience and learning
  • Align resources and practices utilizing assessment data.

"Improvement-oriented institutions rely on systematic information to make good decisions..."
-- Kuh, G. D., Kinzie, J., Schuh, J. H., Whitt, E. J., & Associates. (2005). Student success in college: Creating conditions that matter. Jossey-Bass.