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2020 - 2026 STRATEGIC PLAN




    Our Student Affairs professionals are committed to enhancing the student experience and advancing student success by providing activities, leadership opportunities, services and guidance that are necessary to support the rigorous academic learning environment at UAB. We have a responsibility to contribute to students’ educational achievement while equipping them to serve as leaders in a global society. Additionally, the services we provide help to minimize obstacles that inhibit students from performing well academically.

    By engaging students in learning and self-discovery beyond the classroom, we intend to help students develop values and ethical standards, foster an environment of cultural humility, establish educational partnerships that enhance student learning, and build safe and inclusive communities necessary for student success.

    Some of our important services include university recreation, counseling, career development, health services, housing, leadership, dining and student advocacy. Our expertise centers around the highest standards, high impact practices, reducing barriers to student success and promoting safety and wellness.

    As we embark in preparing the future generations of employees, caregivers, leaders, and researchers for life beyond graduation, the co-curricular opportunities provided by Student Affairs are both necessary and valuable. Current research and trends suggest that the effort placed on establishing and encouraging student learning in and out of the classroom – in some cases over instruction – is the best way to insure students’ passion for lifelong learning.

    Underlying the practice of student affairs are a number of core values centered on the students’ holistic development and maturation. These values include studentcenteredness, student advocacy, empowering students to create positive change, collaboration, accountability and integrity. In carrying out our values, we will improve student engagement, retention and persistence to graduation.

  • Vision

    Creating transformational experiences at UAB.


    We create learning environments and experiences; build a culture of social justice, innovation, and wellbeing; foster a sense of belonging; remove barriers to enhance student success; and develop leaders who create change.

    Core Values

    We take responsibility for achieving personal and professional development; set high expectations and enact changes based on data.

    We create intentional partnerships for the shared purpose of supporting student success and achieving university goals.

    Equity & Inclusion:
    We uphold the principles of fairness, equity, and social justice by creating an environment where students feel welcome across and at the intersections of their social identities.

    We pursue the highest standard of quality in how we engage with others, manage resources, support our staff, develop ourselves and contribute to student success.

    We strive for and advance impactful services and programs which generate contributions of distinction.

    We commit to honesty, transparency and consistency by modeling and teaching ethical behavior.

    We champion a holistic culture of resiliency, mental and physical health that improves the long-term health of our communities.

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  • Campus Dining

    Our mission is to provide great food and superior service at a reasonable value that both enhances to student experience and exceeds the expectations of our campus community.

    Campus Recreation

    The Department of Campus Recreation strives to enhance transformational learning and the quality of life for the UAB student body & community by providing diverse programs & an inclusive environment.

    Career & Professional Development

    To engage and empower members of the UAB community through meaningful career and experiential learning opportunities, to revolutionize the future of work.

    Disability Support Services

    Our philosophy promotes self-awareness, selfdetermination and self-advocacy by providing education to students with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities so they can make informed choices in order to meet or exceed the standards of all students at UAB.

    Hill Student Center

    Hill Student Center enhances the campus environment by providing quality facilities and services to the students, university, and Birmingham community.

    Marketing & Communications

    As guardians of the Student Affairs brand, we will serve our students and the Division by advancing the mission through exceptional and consistent messaging and storytelling. We strive to create clear, engaging channels of communication, celebrate the student experience and provide exemplary customer service. We will do this with excellence and with industry-leading standards and practices.

    Off-Campus Student Services

    Off-Campus Student Services fosters student learning and development through programming and initiatives designed to serve and retain offcampus students.

    Parent & Family Programs

    The Office of Parent & Family Services is dedicated to creating and strengthening the relationship between parents and family members of current UAB students and the University by creating intentional programming and providing critical resources and regular communication to support student persistence and success towards graduation.

    Student Conduct

    Student Conduct is responsible for upholding the integrity and purpose of the university through the fair and consistent application of policies and procedures to students’ behavior to ensure a community that respects the dignity and right of all persons to reach their highest potential. Through a studentfocused and learning-centered lens, we utilize a comprehensive approach to informal and formal options to uphold community standards, foster personal growth and development of life skills, and promote a civil learning environment.

    Student Outreach

    Student Outreach supports students through life challenges and connects them with university and community supports to best address their diverse needs. Student Outreach provides individualized assistance to promote student safety and well-being, collaboration and resilience, personal accountability, and self-advocacy. Our team consults and collaborates with campus partners to balance the needs of individual students with those of the overall campus community.


    UAB Student Counseling Services provides mental health counseling and educational support for UAB students through high quality individual, couples and group counseling, outreach programs, education and consultation. We are here to facilitate personal growth, promote multidimensional health, and enhance the holistic development of our student body.


    UAB Student Health Services delivers comprehensive, high quality, confidential, evidence based primary healthcare in an efficient, friendly, and caring manner to students so that they may succeed in their studies and professional lives at UAB and beyond. By promoting health education, prevention and wellness, Student Health Service contributes to student development and success.


    Student Housing and Residence Life supports students utilizing a residential curriculum approach in a safe and comfortable living-learning environment that is student-centered, inclusive, and focused on the holistic development of the student.


    Student Involvement & Leadership exists to provide intentional experiences outside of the classroom that prepare UAB students to serve, inspire and lead.

    Student media

    Our mission is to be a renowned media organization that provides students with co-curricular experiences that will empower them to be great leaders, communicators and storytellers.


    Student Multicultural & Diversity Programs (SMDP) empowers, engages, and challenges students to increase resiliency; support retention and graduation; and develop global leaders. In order to contribute to student success, SMDP provides learning environments that value and respect underrepresented student populations through community building, education, and resources.


    To assist veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors in capitalizing on military educational benefits and promote successful transition into an academic setting. To provide, facilitate, and coordinate programs and services to meet all special needs of this population to enhance their college life and fulfill their educational goals.


    Wellness Promotion is committed to empowering students with the skills and information needed to achieve health and well-being.