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Professional Development Committee

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee provides support to the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) in its efforts to work towards building an organization based on excellence. The three main goals of the committee are to provide professional and personal development to Student Affairs employees and to advance the profession of student affairs as a whole. The committee is made up of 16 full time employees that comprise 7 subcommittees and strive to have representation for all DSA offices. Below is a comprehensive list of our specific goals and objectives that we aim to complete on an annual and ongoing basis.

2017-2018 Goals & Objectives

  • Goal

    Provide professional development opportunities for DSA staff to participate in educational trainings and activities to provide intentional content on best practices and trends within the profession.


    Objective 1.1

    Facilitate trainings focused on social justice, inclusion, and self awareness around identity based issues at least once per semester

    Objective 1.2

    Implement an in-service or one day conference on current trends, priorities, and departmental expectations within Student Affairs on an annual basis

    Objective 1.3

    Host a monthly “Lunch and Learn” series for offices within the division to present on various topics to promote collaboration and provide a better understanding of those offices’ purpose

    Objective 1.4

    Manage Professional Development website and other digital resources that provide information about conference participation and associations, relevant division information, and staff recognition

    Objective 1.5

    Create opportunities for staff to interact with upper level administrators regarding the state of the division, university, and community through the Student Affairs Breakfast and Lunch with the President

  • Goal

    Provide personal development by creating programs and incentives to increase social interactions, build community, and acknowledge exceptional contributions to DSA.


    Objective 2.1

    Invite departments from the UAB community to present on various topics that educate staff on resources, trainings, and connections that support employee’s overall well-being

    Objective 2.2

    Host events and activities that promote community, campus spirit and social interactions such as social hours, divisional outings, and friendly division-wide competitions

    Objective 2:3

    Recognize staff members’ achievements through the employee of the month process and annual Student Affairs Awards Banquet

  • Goal

    Advance the profession through pioneering best practices to become role models for student affairs as a whole.


    Objective 3.1

    Implement an onboarding program to introduce new staff to the Student Affairs community, culture, and processes

    Objective 3.2

    Host Careers in Student Affairs Month programs for interested students and staff to learn how to become a professional within this field

    Objective 3.3

    Administer accessible evaluation models to continually create divisional services that meet the needs of staff

    Objective 3.4

    Encourage participation at conferences (on campus, regionally or nationally) to build competencies around leadership development, professional growth and networking

    Objective 3.5

    Accept and develop new programs that promote innovation, collaboration, and division-wide growth by administering staff surveys and contacting the professional development committee representative from respective offices

Professional Competencies