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Welcome to the UAB Division of Student Affairs family!

Welcome to UAB! Onboarding new employees in the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham occurs over a year. The phases are as follows:


Onboarding Phases

  • Preparation: Before the first day

  • Acclimation: 1-30 days

  • Belonging: 30-90 days

  • Performance: 90-365 days


RS24164 2018 Homcoming Parade 36 scrThe Division of Student Affairs Onboarding Experience is designed to make your transition positive and successful. We’re committed to supporting an environment that allows all Student Affairs staff members to get acclimated, enjoy their work, and perform at their best.

“Here at UAB, our goal is to be leaders in creating transformational experiences for our students. Our strategic plan lays out our four-year roadmap to becoming a 21st Century model.” – Dr. John Jones, VPSA.

If you have questions, your supervisor is a great resource. If they cannot help you, please reach out to Henry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Onboarding Checklist