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In an effort to promote innovation, collaboration and high-impact practices, the UAB Division of Student Affairs has earmarked grant funding to support initiatives that advance its strategic priorities. All Student Affairs departments as well as its individual staff are encouraged to apply for funding for programs, events and initiatives that will be implemented during the 2019-2020 school year and are not already being supported by a traditional budget.

Only those programs that are designed for students will be considered. Monies cannot be used by offices or departments for staff development. Programs that are proposed as a joint effort between multiple units and promote collaboration either internally or externally will be heavily considered.

The application is now available online and will be accepted up until Friday, June 21. A committee made up of Student Affairs professionals as well as faculty and staff from Academic Affairs will review all applications. Finalists will be invited to give a presentation on Friday, July 12 to further explain the initiative for which they require funding. Grant awards will be announced in August during the Division Breakfast.

For more information, contact Assistant Vice President for Student Experience Mary Wallace at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Grant Info Presentation

Rubric for Application

Rubric for Presentation

All applications for funding must meet the criteria below:

What is the need?  In a general explanation, include what need will be addressed by this proposed project and how those needs will be filled.

Timeline:  Include a timeline of the program launch, marketing plan, assessment development, data collection and concluding report.  

Budget:  Explain how the requested money will be utilized to ensure success of the program.  Include an explanation of how this project will ultimately be absorbed into your department budget in future years. (Note: For the initial review, a general budget may be submitted highlighting expected expenses. If the program is selected to move on to the presentation round, a detailed budget must be submitted.)  

Research:  Provide national or institutional research that supports the need for the establishment of the proposed program.

Learning Outcome: Demonstrate the utilization of High-Impact Practices to facilitate the skills or knowledge that students will gain, enhance or develop as a result of attending the program or office. Explain how will their learning be evaluated.

Assessment Plan:  Specify what methods will be utilized to assess the success of the program. Assessment plans should include both satisfaction and learning outcomes based assessment. See the linked assessment plan as a guideline.  

Assessment Plan

Implementation of Program:  Tell what steps have already been taken to ensure that the proposed program can be implemented by expressed date.

Alignment with Strategic Priorities:  Explain how the proposed program aligns with the strategic priorities of the Division and/or your office as well as the University Strategic Plan (Forging The Future).

Director Approval:  All proposed programs must have the full support of the office director. In cases of collaborative proposals all directors must submit signed approval. 

Renewal:  Successful programs may submit for a renewal of the Strategic Investment Grant for a maximum of one additional year. In order to be considered for renewal, an application must be submitted during the next Strategic Investment Grant application time. 

PAST WINNERS: UAB Student Affairs awards innovative projects within the Division

In an effort to promote innovation, collaboration and high-impact practices, the UAB Division of Student Affairs has earmarked grant funding to support initiatives that advance its strategic priorities. Congratulations to the following past winners of the UAB Student Affairs Strategic Innovation Grant.

  • Meredith Kahl, Director, Parent & Family Services
    Kristina Canfield, Substance Abuse Prevention & Recovery Coordinator, Wellness Promotion
    and Shawra Rainer, Assistant Director, Student Outreach

    Family Engagement as a Strategy for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention: Campaign and publication creating student and parental awareness about tools for drug and alcohol prevention

    Meredith Kahl 2f2a4d2b935b4a431e98dc13936029ad
    RS21241 Kristina Canfield 1
    RS14537 Shawra Rainer 9 Scr
  • Meagan Butler Head Shot 2018 2

    Meagan Butler, Assistant Director of UAB Career Center

    UAB Career Closet: In partnership with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., providing professional interview attire for students of need

    Allison Solomon 9ef16a50cf861d984c45ee2e00df7d9a

    Allison Solomon, Director, Disability Support Services

    Kurzweil 3000 Firefly Pilot Program: A study skills assistive software that aids students in reading, writing and mind mapping