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The UAB Division of Student Affairs is committed to the professional development of our student staff and leaders. In keeping with the National Association of Colleges and Employers Career Readiness Competencies, we have identified a list of skills that we feel serve as the foundation for an overall culture of learning while working. We are intentional about creating jobs, internships and leadership opportunities where students can acquire skills that will translate into a future career. Students who work and lead in our offices and departments will participate in self-assessment as well as receive regular feedback as we track their growth and learning.  

We hope that after working in Student Affairs, students will be equipped with many of the following:

  • Professionalism

    Professionalism includes, but is not limited to, the skills, judgement, and behavior that is expected from a leader or employee. It is evident through both the attitude and conduct of the professional.

  • Practical Leadership & Management

    Practical Leadership & Management is the ability to develop an idea into a real-life action or action plan. This skill requires the ability to support others, delegate tasks, communicate goals, and critically understand the needs of others to create a balanced, fair, and performance-driven team environment.

  • Cultural Humility & Global Fluency

    Cultural Humility & Global Fluency requires consideration and accommodation of the different qualities and values of other individuals. Leaders and employees that are skilled in this area make an effort to stay socially conscious of the various cultures and mindsets of their co-workers, peers, supervisees, and customers.

  • Civic Identity & Commitment to Service

    Civic Identity & Commitment to Service is a skill developed by a productive, caring, and contributing member of the community who understands the “why” of what they are doing to better their world.

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

    Critical Thinking & Problem Solving requires the ability to identify an issue, analyze it, and conceptualize an action plan. This skill requires a leader to use self-corrective thinking.

  • Technology

    Proficiency in the use and navigation of technologies (hardware, software, social media platforms, etc.) to problem-solve, accomplish tasks and produce positive outcomes.


  • How do I implement this?
    • Review the Career Ready Supervisor/Advisor Guide to Implementation article as a resource and the Career Ready Path timeline.
    • Examine your student staff and leadership positions and make sure they incorporate the career ready competencies that you have identified will be gained from the specific positions
    • Make sure that all of your student staff and leadership job descriptions follow the template posted above before listing them on Hire-A-Blazer.
    • The evaluation template is your tool to provide feedback to students at the end of the semesters
    • Create a culture of assessment where you regularly meet with your student to track and measure their growth in the designated career ready competencies.
    • A survey will be sent to student staff and leadership at the end of the semester by the Division of Student Affairs which will help inform future practice.
  • Which student positions do this initiative include – paid, unpaid, leadership, volunteer?

    The Career Ready Competencies initiative applies to all student staff and leadership positions within the Division of Student Affairs.

    *It does not include the students in RSOs whose advisors serve in a voluntary role.

  • What parts of the initiative are required and which aspects are optional?

    This initiative is required for all staff whose management of student staff and leaders is a part of their purview.

  • When does all of this need to be initiated?

    Fall 2019

  • Who administers the pre- and post-tests?

    The students complete the pre- and post-tests in the Engage platform, Supervisors should have check-ins along the way.

  • Who administers the Division of Student Affairs end-of-experience survey? When is that given to students?

    The Division end-of-the-experience survey will be administered by the Office of Assessment and Planning in April 2020.

  • What is my role as a supervisor or advisor?

    Each advisor/supervisor is responsible for submitting a position description, enrolling the student in the Path for Career Ready Competencies, meeting 1:1 to discuss the Path timeline, conduct a Mid-Year Check In to provide feedback and facilitate reflection, and ensure the student completes the Path by the 10th month of employment/leadership.

  • What kind of data will we have access to from this process?

    Student Affairs will share the Skill Development Survey data with the appropriate departments on a monthly basis. Student Affairs will process a report in May of each year that includes the previous year's End-of-Experience results and qualitative reflections. This will be published to assess growth and satisfaction with the Career Ready Competencies model.

  • What if my student is selected mid-year?

    The Path is designed to support all students regardless of the position start date. The Path is broken down by months (Months 1-3, 4-6, 7-9). This allows you to enroll a student at any given point. For data collection purposes, students who begin the Path between May and September and conclude by the following May will be included for end-of-year, collective learning reports. However, all departments will receive each student's Skill Development Survey results (distributed monthly) to be aware of entry level competence.

  • I plan to keep my employee/leader for more than one year, will they re-complete the Path?

    The Path will be piloted this year, and based on student and staff feedback, will be revisited for application in 2020-2021. At this time, we plan to add "My Own Way" advanced opportunities for student leaders that will be in their second or third year of application.

  • What if my student quits their position mid-year?

    We understand that this will happen. Simply complete the Path Enrollment form to remove your student from the Path. This will not negatively impact your department. It is highly encouraged to meet with the student to discuss their developmental experience prior to their last day.

  • What if the student has multiple positions within Student Affairs?

    The student is only responsible for competing the Path once. Their reflective experiences may result in discussion of more than one experience. As the supervisor, it is your responsibility to guide the student's development within the realm of that specific leadership/employment experience. The student, however, will not be asked to complete multiple Paths.