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The Student Affairs Division “Excellence in Action” Coin has been created to recognize a staff member’s performance, action or accomplishment that demonstrates the Division’s values and commitment to excellence.  The coin has been minted in a limited number and its design may be updated over time with the approval of the Vice President.

The coin will provide a means to recognize an individual “in the moment” and will be presented by the Division Vice President or Assistant Vice Presidents in their recipient’s work setting. The VP or AVP can identify a potential recipient through direct observation or knowledge or the recommendation of another division employee, student, staff or faculty member.  A picture of the staff member receiving the coin along with a brief narrative should be included in the Division’s 411 newsletter.

Coin front sml


Guidelines for identifying a coin recipient and presentation:

A coin recipient will have demonstrated performance, action or accomplishment that goes above and beyond expectations of excellence and exemplifies one or more to the Division’s values.

  • Student-Centered
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Advocacy
  • Accountability

The performance, action or accomplishment should demonstrate an individual’s commitment to those values. That demonstration of commitment should fit within one or more of the following criteria:

Fulfilling a significant role in the development or execution of notable or innovative programs, experiences or services that are demonstrated to be highly impactful;

Providing exceptional support or services for an individual student which directly impacted their success; or

Contributing to their communities or professional field in such a manner that brings credit to the Division and the University.


  • Individuals to be recognized with a coin will be identified by the Division’s Vice President or Assistant Vice President(s).
  • The coin should be presented to the recipient in their workplace and when possible should include the presence of their respective Director, AVP and VP.
  • Pictures of the presentation will be used to share the recognition of the individual in the Division’s next published newsletter as well as the Division’s website.
  • The VP or AVP will prepare a brief narrative describing that individual’s performance, action or accomplishment. This narrative will be submitted to support the publication of the award in the newsletter and website.
  • The Excellence in Action Coin is a special award and to promote pride in the recognition of its receipt, a small number of coins are expected to be distributed annually.
  • A copy of the narrative will be maintained within the files and reviewed by the Cabinet no less than annually to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the award.