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What careers and industries can my degree lead to? What salary can I expect upon graduation? The data in Steppingblocks can help answer these questions.

Steppingblocks is an online career exploration platform. Students, faculty, and staff have access to a 20-question personality assessment, a career path explorer, an institutional outcomes explorer, and a tuition analyzer.

You can access Steppingblocks using your University of Alabama at Birmingham Single Sign-On (SSO) information by visiting https://uab.steppingblocks.com.


Ready to get started?

  1. Sign in with Your UAB BlazerID
  2. Personalize it: Build your profile & take a personality test.
  3. Update your interests: Select one or more interests to build your content feed & start browsing on your home page.
  4. Start Exploring: Visit Career Paths and enter targets; interact with tabs, tables, and charts; & save your searches for future use.

New To Steppingblocks?

Take a guided tour of the student platform!

Become a Steppingblocks Super User by watching a few short videos (create a website like this on the UAB Career Center website).

What is Steppingblocks?

Personality Assessment

Take a trait-based approach to career exploration with 20 easy questions.

  • Explore majors and careers suited to your strengths
  • Learn the science behind your motivations
  • Discover hacks to dealing with emotional stress
  • Download a 16-page personality report

Career Path Explorer

Drive the future with a data-driven game plan powered by millions of real professionals.

  • Analyze career opportunities based on earning potential
  • Leverage hiring trends from top employers
  • Learn how much education you need to be competitive

Institutional Outcomes Explorer

Understand potential with relevant outcomes from the University of Alabama at Birmingham alums.

  • Learn who employs graduates from UAB
  • Narrow alum earnings by gender and degree
  • Discover your skills gap and hiring potential
  • Unlock industries hiring graduates from your program

Tuition Analyzer

Calculate payback periods and total college costs by major, state, and school.

  • Interact with dynamic student loan term tools
  • Analyze debt by future job title and potential earnings
  • Learn the breakeven periods of your investment
  • Understand the economic value of your college major