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UAB Career Center is excited to announce the launch of Big Interview, a cutting-edge interview practice platform. Big Interview is designed to help faculty, staff, and students improve their interview techniques through training and practice. This platform replaces our previous system, InterviewStream.

How to Register

  1. Request Admin Access by emailing Cynthia Marie Washington at cmw2@uab.edu.
  2. Respond to the email confirmation. Click "Access Big Interview."
  3. Visit UAB Big Interview. You will be redirected to the UAB Central Authentication System to sign in.


For Faculty: Integrating Big Interview into Your Classes

Faculty members can seamlessly integrate Big Interview into their curriculum. Here is how:

  1. Assignments: Create assignments that require students to practice interviews on the platform.
  2. Monitor Progress: Utilize features for tracking student activity and performance.
  3. Technical Requirements: Ensure students have the necessary equipment and internet connectivity.
  4. Introductory Sessions: Provide tutorials for students to familiarize themselves with Big Interview.


Online Training Resources for Faculty

  1. Big Interview University: Training for faculty users, admins, and organization admins.
  2. The Big Interview Platform: Learn how to use Big Interview.
  3. Schools and Organizations: Comprehensive information for students, faculty, and admin users.
  4. How to Create an Assignment: Learn how to create assignments.
    1. Click on "Back to Admin."
    2. Click on Interviews and view drop-down.
    3. To create a new Interview Assignment.
    4. Click "+Add New Assignment."


Help Center

For support and resources, visit the Big Interview Help Center.



For further inquiries or assistance, please contact:

  • Name: Cynthia Marie Washington
  • Position: Associate Director of Career Education and Advising, UAB Career Center
  • Email: cmw2@uab.edu

We encourage all faculty members to use this valuable resource to enhance students' interview skills and career readiness.