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The mission of the Employer Advisory Board is to advise and actively support the UAB Career Center in achieving its missions of becoming the leading Career Center in the country. The Employer Advisory Board will provide a forum for UAB Career Center staff to engage in relevant discussions regarding a wide variety of career and employment issues. Information gathered from these discussions will contribute to the quality and impact of services and programs for UAB students.

The Employer Advisory Board will include representatives from a wide variety of industries which employ college graduates in the southeast United States and nationwide. These will include current UAB Career Center partners and others that would provide value to the board. This board will meet at least twice each year on-site.

The Board will include representatives across various industries such as:

  • Corporate (Technical and Non-Technical)
  • Government/Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Healthcare

If you are interested in being considered for the Board, please contact Brandon Wright at btwright@uab.edu



Board meeting topics may include:

  • Current economic and business trends and how they relate to the recruitment process
  • How to best prepare students to be professionally ready for the future
  • Employability factors students must possess to be successful in the workplace
  • Best practices in internship programs on and off-campus
  • How a college can best meet the needs of employers presently and in the future
  • Strategies for connecting students with employment opportunities
  • Ways to increase employer interactions with students across the campus
  • How to best measure the performance of students and the Career Center for the greatest success


  • The Advisory Board is not regarded as a substitute for any administrative body at UAB. Instead, it is intended to supplement and stimulate change and/or improvement in career services for UAB students.
  • Be available to respond to inquiries and share at board meetings.
  • Serve as an advisor to Career Center staff members on related trends and topics
  • Serve as a sounding board of opinion on items proposed by the staff and administration


To Employer

  • Build relationships with other employers and expand your network
  • Discuss recruiting trends and best practices
  • Raise organizations visibility on campus and strengthen brand as an employer of choice
  • Develop contacts for accessing key talent for internships and employment opportunities
  • Increase familiarity with UAB and develop knowledge about programs which may be of particular interest to organization
  • Potential for increased interaction with students, faculty, and administration
  • Receive acknowledgement on the UAB Career Center website and at career events
  • Positively impact the work of the UAB Career Center through sharing knowledge and experience

To University

  • Increased contact and collaboration with employers locally, regionally and nationally
  • Acquire current information regarding the job market for college graduates
  • Clarify skills most needed in today‚Äôs world of work
  • Gain ideas on how to develop relationships with new employers and on how to better serve existing employer partners
  • Develop programming that is informed by the employers who aim to hire UAB students


Employer Advisory Board Co-chairs
(1 Career Center Staff member / 1 Employer Member)
Chairs will be appointed to 2-year terms (with the opportunity for 1 extension)

Employer Advisory Board Members
(16 member Board + Career Center Leaders)

Any Advisory Board member may resign at any time with verbal or written notice to the Chairperson. Replacements for resignees or others not fulfilling their term will be appointed by Co-Chairs, in agreement with at least fifty percent of the Board


The Employer Advisory Board will meet twice, once during the spring semester and once during the fall of academic year. A doodle will be sent out to survey the best time for the board to meet. Lunch will be provided. Electronic meetings/correspondence will be held when necessary to address issues that arise. If a member misses more than 3 consecutive meetings, then they can be removed from the Board at the discretion of the Board Co-Chairs.

Proposed Dates:


Suggestions for changes to the Charter should be communicated to the Board Chair, who then presents suggestions at the next Board meeting. The charter may then be amended by a majority vote of the Board.