In-person student events will not be allowed for now. In addition, all off-campus student events organized by or for a student or student organization are STRICTLY PROHIBITED, absent special approval from the vice president of Student Affairs. Learn more.

COVID-19 vaccinations are not required for entry to an event. Event staff and attendees are strongly encouraged to receive and complete their vaccination(s) as soon as they are eligible. For more information, please visit the Alabama Public Health website or UAB’s COVID-19 Vaccine website.

UAB's guidelines for events and gatherings that are university-sponsored on or off campus were updated on Aug. 12, 2021, to protect the health and safety of our campus. Updated guidelines are outlined below, including events that:

  • use university space or funds, including partial funding
  • involve academic or social gatherings for students, faculty and staff of any size other than those occurring as part of a class on the scheduled academic calendar
  • occur within administrative units

Faculty, staff and students who are planning events that are not university-sponsored are strongly encouraged to follow these same guidelines.

Events and gatherings that are not included in these guidelines include:

  • departmental staff meetings that do not require a reservation
  • academic classes
  • approved activities as part of a course
  • Blazer Athletics team practices and competitions. Athletic requirements are set by Conference USA.
  • Birmingham Legion FC practices and competitions

UAB will continue to provide guidance and updates. These guidelines will be reviewed monthly, at a minimum, and will assess factors like the percentage of our UAB community that is vaccinated; positivity rates at UAB, Jefferson County and Alabama; and isolated and quarantined individuals. Please make sure to review these guidelines and UAB United for any updates prior to the start of your event.

If the conditions outlined below are followed, UAB will allow in-person events with 250 or fewer individuals for indoor and outdoor events without approval by the applicable senior vice president, vice president or dean. Event Approval and Event Registration are not the same. Events may still be required to register via UAB’s Event Approval website to comply with UAB’s Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy. Student events are required to register on Engage.

Registration & Approval

Events held on and off campus, unless a spontaneous expressive activity, are required to register with the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration in compliance with the Freedom of Expression and Use of UAB Facilities Policy. Student events that register via Engage will automatically be registered, so no further action is required.

Any event with more than 250 attendees will require approval by the appropriate senior vice president or vice president.

Register your event through the Event Approval website 30 days prior to the event; we encourage earlier submittals to allow for necessary notifications, adjustments and planning.

Student events should register only via Engage at least 15 days prior to the event to allow for review of safety guidelines and approvals. Virtual student events must be registered on Engage two days prior to the event. The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership grants final approval for student events for registered student organizations and departmentally funded student events in the Division of Student Affairs.

Event Guidelines & Requirements

Event staff and attendees are required to wear masks indoors on campus regardless of vaccination status, as well as maintain proper distancing while on UAB’s campus, including at events. Outdoor events on campus usually do not require participants to wear face masks regardless of their vaccine status. Wearing a face mask at an outdoor event is strongly encouraged to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

All events except student events registered via Engage must turn in an attendee list to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately after event has ended or by 8 a.m. the following day for events that are held after 5 p.m. This requirement is to ensure that we can do contact tracing if necessary. Attendee lists should include attendees’ first and last names, phone number and email address.

Additional guidelines:

  • Face masks must cover mouth and nose, and consist of two layers of fabric with no valves. ADA or medical exemptions to this requirement will be provided to event staff or attendees with proper documentation.
  • Face shields can be worn without a mask only when distancing requirements can be met; otherwise, they must be worn along with a mask.
  • Events must have additional face masks available.
  • Events held by a UAB entity should adhere to procurement guidelines when purchasing PPE or sanitation supplies/equipment.
  • Vendors, guests and visitors must comply with UAB’s policies and guidelines.
  • In-person events must have a non-student university representative (e.g., advisor, event staff or coordinator) who is present for the entire event and is knowledgeable about the event plan and ensures compliance with these guidelines.
  • All events should have point-of-entry signage with safety guidelines prominently displayed. If possible, guidelines should also be shared with attendees prior to the event.
  • All attendees for student events must check into the event using the Engage Event Pass through the Engage Check-in App.
  • Events and gatherings, regardless of their size, must not involve singing, woodwinds/brass, vigorous exercise or other activities that produce aerosols without prior approval.
  • Event staff should ensure that they are familiar with the facility’s or area’s emergency evacuation plan and any possible ways to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 during an evacuation.
  • Hand-sanitizing equipment and wipes should be readily available.
  • Provide preventive protection, such as plexiglass dividers and covers when appropriate.


The event venue should provide capacity limits for the space where the event is being held. Attendance should be kept at or below the venue's capacity. This is not a guarantee of approval, as other factors come to play. Please remember capacity limits may change; plan appropriately.

Food & Beverages

Meals or snacks are discouraged but permitted if allowed by the facility or area being used. They must be boxed, with individually wrapped items. Food providers should submit their COVID-19 safety plan to the UAB entity responsible for the event. This information should be included with event registration. Food providers must also follow the COVID-19 protocol for food deliveries and vendors on UAB’s campus. Please visit Campus Visitor Protocol for more information.

Guidance on eating and drinking at events:

  • Individuals can briefly unmask while actively eating or drinking if they stay at least six feet apart from people who do not live in their household.
  • Event staff and attendees shall not share water coolers, water fountains, water bottles, cups or other drinking devices. The use of personal refillable water bottles is encouraged. Otherwise, disposable cups must be used. Please recycle when possible.
  • Sharing of food or drinks is not allowed.

Health Screenings

UAB staff or attendees may not participate in events on campus if they:

  • show symptoms of COVID-19.
  • have been exposed to COVID-19 in the preceding 14 days.

UAB does not require screening to be conducted at the event entry point, such as temperature checks. Should this change, these guidelines will be updated.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Equipment, supplies, tables, chairs and other touch surfaces should be sanitized or disinfected frequently. At the end of the event or day, these items and surfaces should be sanitized. Single-use disposable utensils, food containers and napkins are recommended. The event may be responsible for additional cleaning costs required to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the venue being used. 

COVID-19 Response & Management

Event sponsors should have a plan in place for someone who becomes ill during or after the event. This plan should include:

  • what to do if someone is unable to drive themselves home
  • where someone could be isolated if necessary due to their inability to leave immediately
  • who would monitor the person in isolation
  • contact information to report a positive test after the event, etc.

Any event staff or attendee who is not a UAB employee or a student and exhibits or has COVID-19 symptoms during an event should leave campus immediately and contact their health care provider.

Any UAB employee or student who exhibits or has COVID-19 symptoms should leave the event immediately. Employees should submit an Employee Exposure or Experiencing Symptoms Form online. Students should complete the Student COVID Screening Survey. After hours/weekends, students should contact Student Health at 205-934-3580 or 205-934-3411 for instructions.

If an attendee reports an exposure or a positive COVID-19 test after the event, please report this by calling Melanie Martin in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration at 205-934-5493 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If notification occurs outside of business hours, call Steve Murray at 205-532-0406.

Please review additional Health & Safety information for both students and faculty/staff, masking and other policies and requirements for students, employees and visitors throughout the site.

Procedural Penalties

An event that does not comply with UAB’s Event Health and Safety Requirements outlined here and any other UAB policies, procedures or guidelines may be canceled or ended prematurely. Events may be canceled due to an order by state, local or UAB officials.

Event staff or attendees who are not UAB staff or students who do not comply with these requirements and other applicable UAB policies or guidelines will be asked to leave campus immediately. UAB organizations, staff and students who do not comply with these requirements or other applicable UAB policies or guidelines may be subject to additional discipline.

Violations of these guidelines may be reported to the Office of Community Standards and Student Accountability, Human Resources, or the Ethics Hotline. If an event or meeting does not follow these guidelines, the university reserves the right to:

  • utilize the Student Conduct Process for Student Organizations for student organization events
  • deny or rescind the sponsor’s permission to use university space, even if the event is already in progress
  • prohibit the event organizer/organization from reserving campus space in the future
  • pursue disciplinary processes including employment consequences, alleged student conduct violations (up to and including interim actions, including temporary suspension of activities on or off campus), removal of privileges of a student organization, recognition probation and recognition revocation

These guidelines may be amended as the public health environment changes. Following these requirements when hosting gatherings and events is critical to protecting the health and safety of our UAB community.

Note: These guidelines are not inclusive of all COVID-19 guidelines set by UAB.

If your event has any additional COVID-19 procedures or requirements outside of those in this document, please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..