UAB continues to consult public health and infectious diseases experts to assess the pandemic and make data-driven decisions to safely pursue our vital mission. 

Due to the recent surge of COVID-19 and updated CDC guidance, UAB will continue to require face masks indoors on campus – regardless of vaccine status – to start 2022 and the spring semester.

There are limited times when individuals can be unmasked indoors on the university campus (exceptions may not apply to clinical buildings – please continue to follow established protocols for clinical buildings).

  • Employees can unmask if alone in a private workspace (e.g., office or cubicle)
  • Students can unmask in their residence hall room 
  • Individuals can briefly unmask while actively eating or drinking if a minimum of 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained

Safe and effective vaccines are free and easy to get. If you have not yet been vaccinated, please do so as soon as possible to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, including the more contagious and dangerous delta and omicron variants. Click here to learn about COVID-19 vaccines. Additional guidance on lifted COVID restrictions can be found through out this site.

The UA System Health & Safety Task Force is increasingly concerned about the rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the state, as well as the prevalence of the omicron variant. Widespread vaccination is key to mitigating further increases. The Task Force will remain intact and will continue to monitor data points such as vaccination rates on campus and in the community, COVID-positive cases per 100,000 individuals, age-specific hospitalization rates, rate of breakthrough infection or reinfection, and prevalence of emerging variants. This Plan remains subject to change based on these factors.

Starting May 10, 2021, many members of the UAB community were no longer required to complete a daily Healthcheck to access campus. However, in part to comply with a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement, students, faculty and staff who are considered health care personnel or have a touchpoint in a clinical building or setting continue to be required to complete Healthcheck daily until further notice. Click here to learn more about if you should or should not fill out Healthcheck daily.

Teaching Formats

Teaching Formats: Spring 2022

The formats for teaching during the spring 2022 semester will be fully face-to-face (i.e., in-person) courses or fully online courses (i.e., asynchronous “Q” courses), in addition to some “blended” courses (i.e., online courses with periodic in-person requirements) that are traditionally available in some schools. Remote courses (e.g., primarily synchronous virtual classes) and hybrid courses (e.g., alternating attendance) will not be offered.

For the current semester, face masks are required in all University buildings, regardless of vaccination status.


Even with classes returning to in-person, the technology installed in classrooms and other educational spaces is still available to help instructors augment their students’ experience. Learn more. In addition, remote working tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and virtual desktops are still valuable assets whether you are on campus or off.

Academic Technology Resources

Lecture capture technology remains available in most classrooms through Zoom and Kaltura Classroom. The technology components installed in the rooms vary depending on the location, size and capacity of the classroom. Click here to learn more. Learn how some plan to continue using classroom technology here.

Additional Resources

  • Virtual desktop technology — Is available for employees who need access to published apps or software on campus, without the need of a VPN or powerful computer. Learn more.
  • Retail Support — UAB IT’s TechConnect store is open on campus at Hill Student Center and online at
  • Public WiFi — Express Lot 4 remains open for public WiFi. UAB IT is currently exploring additional lots that would be available to UAB students and faculty.

Faculty can register for training and other support on the UAB eLearning site as well as find additional resources on the UAB IT Remote Work toolkit.


Our continuing battle with COVID-19 requires that faculty consider possible adjustments to the foregoing policies, particularly as they pertain to class attendance and what might constitute COVID-related excused absences. Detailed information on current attendance policies is available on the Faculty website.


Spring 2022 Semester Grading

The grading method for the spring semester will be the normal letter grade method. There will be no Pass/Fail option, unless a course was structured for such grading even in the absence of the pandemic. Instructors will be permitted to take attendance and count attendance toward grades as is normally the case. Faculty and students are responsible for keeping up to date with further information that UAB will provide regarding any additional COVID-19-related attendance policies.

Course Withdrawals and Incomplete Grades

The normal times for course withdrawals will be in effect for the spring semester. Students will no longer have until the end of the semester to withdraw from a course. The last day to drop a course without paying full tuition or fees, and the last day to withdraw from a course, will depend upon the length of the course. See the drop and withdrawal dates in the Academic Calendar.

As is always the case, students must request an Incomplete before the last day of classes, which varies for the sessions offered in the summer semester and fall semester. See the Academic Calendar. Students must communicate with their instructors before this date about the circumstances surrounding their inability to complete the missing assignment(s) and request an Incomplete. Otherwise a zero will be assigned for missing assignments and normal grade calculations will be made accordingly. Failure to complete the work by this deadline will trigger the normal process whereby an Incomplete automatically turns into an F.

IDEA Student Evaluations

Effective with student IDEA evaluations done during the fall 2021 semester, faculty will no longer have the option of choosing not to allow use these student evaluations in their own performance evaluations. Faculty who are concerned about the effects of the pandemic on their teaching evaluations by students should describe their concerns in a pandemic impact statement available here submitted to their chairs or other supervisors. Chairs have been provided guidance on how to consider these situations.

Disability Support Services

If students test positive during the course of the semester, Disability Support Services will continue to be available to help them navigate they coursework and ensure they are given enough time to recover so they do not have to take a medical drop. Please be flexible in offering time away from class when students report that they are ill and need time to make up work. Of course, just like with any other illness, instructors may ask for documentation.

Students who fall in one of the high-risk categories are required to register for COVID-19-related academic adjustments through Disability Support Services. Additionally, qualifying students will continue to be eligible for special COVID-19-related temporary adjustments. For in-person classes, either type of adjustment might require that you accommodate students who are not able to attend class in-person. Consider using alternatives to in-person teaching for these students that you have used in prior semesters, such as recorded lectures and online testing.

Click here for additional questions regarding Disability Support Services information.


To see current UAB travel policies due to COVID-19, visit the Financial Affairs Covid Resources page.