Five Things to Do Now

You're coming to campus. Here are five things you need to do:

1 Check your email daily

Things change fast. Stay in the know by checking your UAB email daily. This includes eReporter and GreenMail.

2 Complete UAB Healthcheck daily

Yes: You can begin UAB Healthcheck now.

Yes: If you step foot on campus at any time, you must comply with Healthcheck.

Yes: Compliance will be alerted and action will be taken if you come to campus but do not participate.

FYI: is not the same thing at UAB Healthcheck.

Watch this video to better understand UAB Healthcheck.

3 Use Event Passport daily

Click the "Get my Passport" button in your daily Healthcheck. One extra button click is all it takes to get your Event Passport each day.

4 Download the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App

The anonymous GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App is a one-time download that lets you know if you have come into close contact with a later positive COVID-19 person. Keep other Alabamians safe by anonymously reporting if you test positive to COVID-19.

download on the apple app store   get it on google play

5 Participate in Sentinel Testing

Yes: We need your help in a random sampling of the campus community that gives us a snapshot of how much the virus is spreading.

Yes: Your participation helps us keep UAB's campus open.

Yes: You can continue your regular routine while waiting on your results, unless you are experiencing symptoms. Always wear a mask.

Yes: If your result is positive, you must follow proper CDC protocols.

No: Sentinel testing does not take tests away from those who are sick.