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UAB United: On Campus

UAB and the University of Alabama System are planning a safe entry to the campus. UAB is committed to ensuring our research community is prepared with a response plan relating to research continuity. All announcements regarding changes to UAB's operating schedule will be posted to this site as soon as decisions are made.

Research employees with additional questions can read all the latest messages from the Office of Research and view the Office of Research’s business community plan.

UAB continues to bring researchers on campus gradually while taking into account the dynamic and evolving circumstances. Researchers coming to campus must have prior approval, training, and monitoring of symptoms and potential exposure using UAB Healthcheck.

Throughout this site, you will learn more about UAB's comprehensive plans for a safe fall semester entry, including specific information related to:

  • Testing
  • Entry guidance (expectations & guidelines, guidance for specific campus scenarios, facility cleaning and access, entry training & requirements, entry checklist and a schedule for entry)

Additional information for UAB's phased entry to campus (including details about classroom protocols, personal protective equipment, and COVID-19 training and testing) continue to be worked out and will be communicated in the coming days and weeks.

To stay informed of the latest news and updates, students are encouraged to read GreenMail each Wednesday, and researchers are encouraged to read eReporter each Tuesday and Friday. Researchers can subscribe to GreenMail for student updates here.

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Fall 2020 Semester Schedule

To promote the health and safety of the campus community, adjustments have been made to the fall semester schedule:



Fall semester classes will start.



Fall semester in-person classes will end for the Thanksgiving break.






Students will not return to campus after Thanksgiving break but courses will continue remotely.






Final exams will be conducted remotely.

Exceptions can be granted for students based on work, research or clinical responsibilities, and adjustments can be requested for international students or others who do not have alternate living arrangements. For more information, contact your instructor or appropriate campus support office.

Students who meet conditions (i.e. tested positive for COVID-19, considered a higher risk for severe illness per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or care for or reside with a high risk individual) that require COVID-19 related temporary adjustments, should contact Disability Support Services.

Coursework engagement during these weeks is necessary to accommodate SACSCOC accrediting standard requirements for credit granted for coursework.

UAB United: Off Campus

Being a Blazer means doing our part to keep our community safe by following important guidelines:

  • Wear a mask/face covering when around others
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others
  • Practice good hand hygiene, and avoid touching your face
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve when you sneeze or cough

UAB United: Virtually

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