Report a positive test:

Please voluntarily use the Student Health Patient Portal to alert Student Health Services to a positive COVID-19 test performed outside of Student Health Services.

If you have symptoms:

  • Students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should stay home.
  • If you have concerns about managing your symptoms or need a test, please schedule an appointment through the Student Health Patient Portal or by calling 205-934-3580.
  • At-home COVID tests are available and accepted for diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms and/or have been tested for COVID outside UAB, do not come to class or work until your symptoms have resolved.
  • A negative test is not needed in most cases to return to class.
  • For a positive COVID-19 test, please see the specific recommendations in the following section sections.

Student Health Patient Portal

Protocol for exposures and positive tests

Beginning with the first day of classes, Aug. 22, students are encouraged to manage COVID illness as they typically would for other infectious diseases, such as flu or strep throat — with Student Health or other primary health care provider, self-reporting any recommended precautions or limitations to their instructor.

If you have tested positive:

  • If you were evaluated and tested through Student Health, your provider will give you details on when to expect your test results, as well as self-care at home.
  • If you were tested at another location, that location will contact you with test results. Report your positive result through the Student Health Patient Portal.
  • Do not attend face-to-face classes, engage in social activities, or report to work. It is important for the safety of all students, staff and faculty that students with COVID do not attend in-person classes. If you have a class that requires your attendance or are unable to complete your assignments as a result of your illness, contact your instructor to determine the best next steps.
  • All students must self-isolate if they have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Student Health will not manage contact-tracing and notification of close contacts; students who are positive should notify their close contacts.
  • Students who test positive through Student Health or upload an outside positive test (at home or outside clinician) through the Student Health Patient Portal will continue to receive follow-up messaging through the portal with CDC-recommended instructions for next actions, including when to return to class and campus activities; an “Absence Verification” letter is included and can be shared with instructors if the student chooses to or is required to per class attendance policy.
  • Active case management will be limited to those at heightened risk for severe illness who may need assistance.
  • We strongly encourage students to continue to upload a positive COVID test from outside UAB to the Student Health Patient Portal.
  • Individual positive COVID cases will no longer be reported to faculty (for a student in their class), and the related follow-up clearance notification is also discontinued.

If you have been exposed:

  • Please monitor yourself for development of symptoms.
  • Please wear a well fitting face covering around others for 10 days after exposure.
  • We recommend testing at 5 or more days after exposure.

For more information, see the CDC website.

For-cause testing

UAB reserves the right to pursue “for-cause” testing of students who have been in an environment where there may be an outbreak. Participation in for-cause testing may be required and will be part of messaging at that time.