Updated: 7-Apr-2015

Participating faculty are expected to be full-time UAB faculty with a current UAB Graduate School Faculty* appointment. Participants are expected to be scientifically productive and possess expertise in the themes in which they request membership. They are also expected to be, or become, actively involved in one or more GBS themes. Evidence of such current or planned active involvement in GBS theme(s) includes mentoring a GBS student, teaching in GBS courses, service on student thesis or examination committees, judging GBS rotation talks or posters, teaching in advanced courses in GBS programs, serving as a preceptor for a rotation student, or interviewing prospective students. Funding to support students' stipends and research projects is expected but not essential for GBS participation. However, to accept thesis students, and in most cases rotation students, into their laboratories, GBS participants will need to provide evidence of adequate funding.

Application materials for GBS faculty status review include a completed GBS Faculty Requested Information Form, a current NIH SF424 (R&R) Biosketch, an NIH Other Support or similar document with both current and pending research support, and information on past and current trainees. The application form is available online by contacting Savitha Memula, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 205-996-9798.

Participating faculty will be reviewed on a three year cycle.

GBS Faculty Review Committee
Dan Bullard, Chair
Pete Burrows
David Chaplin
Robin Lorenz
Rakesh Patel
Kirill Popov
Peter Prevelige
Theresa Strong
Scott Wilson
Brad Yoder

For further information concerning GBS Faculty status, please contact Dr David Schneider, Associate Dean for Graduate Biomedical Sciences,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 205-934-4781.

*To apply for UAB Graduate School Faculty appointment, please see Recommendation for Appointment to Graduate Faculty.