GBS Forms

Forms are updated routinely. Please visit this page each time a form is needed so you will use the most up-to-date version. Also, please see the Graduate School Forms for additional forms of interest.


+ Lab Rotations

+ Mentor Selection

+ Graduate Committee

+ Qualifying Exam & Admission to Candidacy

  • Pre-Qualifying Exam Form
  • This form must be submitted two weeks prior to the scheduled QE to indicate the proposed written and oral QE dates.

  • Post-Qualifying Exam Form
  • Once the QE is complete, the student is responsible for completing the following AdobeSign form to be signed by each committee member.

  • QE Written Review Form
  • This form is utilized for review between the student and committee.

  • Application for Admission to Candidacy
  • This AdobeSign form must be completed and approved by the Graduate School before you can register for research hours. Please indicate the GBS office in the Program Manager field.

+ Dissertation Defense & Graduation

  • Application for Graduate Degree/Certificate
  • Students planning to graduate in the upcoming term can access the Application for Graduate Degree/Certificate online through BlazerNET by clicking Links/Forms and selecting Apply for Graduate Degree/Certificate.

  • ProQuest Submission Site
  • All doctoral students must submit a PDF of the final committee-approved dissertation for final review by the Graduate School.

  • Request for Dissertation Approval Forms
  • This form is to be completed no later than 2 weeks before your dissertation defense.

  • Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • This form must be submitted to the Graduate School with your completed dissertation.

+ Courses, Registration, & Grades

  • Academic Appeal
  • Students can initiate an academic appeal under the Links and Forms section of their Student Profile in Blazernet. Once submitted, the appeal will be routed to the appropriate approver(s) (i.e. instructor, program director, GBS office staff, Graduate School) based on the type of appeal the student selected.

  • Advanced Course Verification Form
  • This form is utilized for course approval for 2-hour courses, off-campus courses, and non-GBS courses that require approval for advanced course credit.

  • Course Waiver/Substitution Form
  • This form is utilized for students that are requesting a course to be waived or substituted.

  • Final Semester Registration Adjustment Form
  • This Adobe Sign form is utilized for students in their final semester to request registering for below 9 hours.

  • Grade Replacement Request Form
  • This AdobeSign form is utilized for students who repeat a course taken at UAB and wish to request a grade replacement. This allows the first course to be excluded from their GPA calculation, once approved.

+ Joint Degree & Certificate Programs

+ Other Forms