Alison Mundy is a second-year graduate student and serves as a graduate assistant while pursuing her Master’s degree in the Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights. Prior to enrolling at UAB, Alison completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology – with a concentration in biological anthropology – at the University of California, San Diego.

Following graduation from UCSD, Alison worked as a behavioral research intern at the Lester E. Fisher Center – associated with the Lincoln Park Zoo – in Chicago, IL. The Fisher Center is dedicated to advancing primate conservation and care through exploring ape and macaque behavior, space use, and cognition. From 2016 to 2017, Alison collected behavioral data on the zoo’s resident chimpanzee and gorilla populations, contributing to the exploration of the complexities of captive primate behavior.

Alison’s primary interest involves research concerning ethnoprimatology and non-human primate behavior, with emphasis on developing methodologies for effective primate conservation management. Ethnoprimatology explores human and non-human primate conflict and interactions, working with communities that have highly integrated social and ecological spaces. This discourse is essential for conservation efforts, as examining the local experience and attitude toward non-human primates is imperative for dissipating the counterproductive associations and positions that have developed over time. This work requires a collaborative effort between ethology and conservation, and the noteworthy dedication of the Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights program to interdisciplinary cooperation will best facilitate the development of sustainable solutions.

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