Elliot Nicholson-Cox is a graduate student in the Peace and Human Rights Program and a graduate teaching assistant in the Department for Anthropology. He started out as a high school teacher in Thailand before developing a background in Peace and Development studies from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom where he received his BA. Elliot’s research focused on the intersection between nonviolent social change and the perceived intractability of conflicts, specifically socio-cultural identity within the Tibetan Independence Movement. While volunteering as an English Language teacher in Dharmsala, India for the Lha Institute for Social Work and Education, Elliot researched Tibetan history and how it is framed within the perspective of generational conflict and exile by Tibetan community-run schools.

Elliot applied his background in Peace Studies in both pre-school and elementary school education in the United Kingdom. He taught primarily children with autism and other communication and emotional learning needs. This practice has informed a passionate interest in inclusive Peace education and child participation.

Elliot has come to UAB to take part in the growth and strengthening of the field of peace studies and to benefit from an Anthropological perspective of Peace. In developing an understanding of peaceful societies, he intends to contribute to an evidence-based approach to student-led peace education which supports critical thinking and non-violent communication skills, therefore facilitating opportunities for alternative and creative conflict transformation directed by students as social actors.

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