Kacey KeithKacey Keith is a Birmingham native, and a UAB alumni with an undergraduate degree in International Studies. During her undergraduate studies, Kacey fell in love with the field of Peace Research. As an intern at the Atlantic Institute, a non-profit organization providing interfaith dialogue throughout the United States, she became interested in a community outreach approach to her studies. She is currently working towards her Master’s degree in UAB’s Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights program. While studying towards her degree, she also works as a research assistant with Dr.Douglas Fry on his Peace Systems project with Columbia University.

Kacey plans to follow her passion of community outreach by pursuing a social application for much of the Peace Research currently existing only in academia. The Master’s of Anthropology of Peace And Human Rights is the perfect setting to obtain knowledge of the macro level interconnections between groups and how to articulate those findings to smaller communities. Using this integrated bottom-up approach, Kacey hopes to share with individuals how they can have a vital impact on Peace and Human Rights within their own communities.


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