UAB Dentistry Cares Community Day 2013; dental students and patients.Interested in going to dental school? Completing the coursework below will help you become a good candidate for programs at UAB and other universities.

If you are interested in the pre-dental program, you must contact your chemistry and pre-health advisors. They will help you meet all requirements and keep you on deadline. You can learn much more about pre-health programs and find links to many useful pre-dental resources on the CAS Advising website.

Biology (12 hours)
  • 12 hours of general biology or zoology.
  • Additional courses in cell physiology, comparative anatomy, and embryology are highly recommended.
  • Courses such as histology, human anatomy, human physiology, and microbiology, even though included later in the dental curriculum, are desirable.

Chemistry (16 hours)
  • 8 hours of general inorganic chemistry which includes qualitative analysis and laboratory work.
  • 8 semester hours of organic chemistry with laboratory work.
  • Biochemistry is recommended strongly.

Physics (8 hours)
  • 8 hours of physics. Mechanics, heat, light, sound, and electricity, with appropriate laboratory work, should be included in the courses.

Mathematics (6 hours)
  • Analytic geometry and differential and integral calculus are recommended strongly.

Non-Science Courses (30 hours)
  • This requirement assures a broad general education that is the best preparation for a career in dentistry. Such non-science courses as English (six hours) and courses in the social sciences and humanities are strongly recommended to meet this requirement. Courses to enhance manual dexterity (sculpting, painting, etc.) also are encouraged.
  • Physical education, military science, and similar courses are not acceptable as part of the minimum non-science requirements.

Dental Admissions Testing Program

Each applicant is required to participate in the Dental Admission Testing Program conducted by the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association and to request that test results be sent to the Admissions Committee. For applications and detailed information, contact DAT. The DAT is administered throughout the year at Sylvan Technology Test Centers. You can find dental school application materials on the American Dental Education Association website.