If you already have a major but are looking for a minor, studying communication management could be the perfect choice for your future career. Communicating is an essential part of any career — nursing, business, or education, chemistry, history, or engineering. A minor in Communication Management is designed for students interested in the general principles of communication, from interpersonal relationships to public dialogue.

Course Catalog

A complete list of minor requirements and courses are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.


Three required courses requirements and and three additional courses, approved by the department advisor or chair, are required for a communications management minor. The required courses are:

Communication and persuasion as ideas in Western thought, ranging from Greek to contemporary period. 3 hours.
Theories and models of communication in organizational settings. Analysis and diagnosis of communicative patterns and consideration of methods for implementing appropriate communication models in organizations. 3 hours.
Elements of nonverbal behavior (physical appearance, gestures, space, voice) which affect communication in person-to-person situations. 3 hours.

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