High School Programming Contest

contest 2019High School Programming Contest 2020 - View FlyerThe State of Alabama High School Programming Contest (HSPC) hosted by UAB brings talented students from high schools throughout Alabama to the UAB campus to participate in an organized competition. Students individually compete to demonstrate their programming skills and problem-solving abilities by attempting to solve six programming problems within a three-hour period. Schools that have three or more contestants are also eligible for team awards.

Who can participate?

All Alabama High School Students and Advance Junior High Students

Where and When?

February 15, 2020 Saturday
UAB University Hall, 1st floor

Event Schedule

10.00am registration opens
~11.00am lunch
12.00pm -3.00pm Contest
3.15pm awards

Registration Fee

$20 Per student. You can bring cash or check on the event day. (We can’t accept credit cards.)

Award Categories

Individual: 2 first place ($400 each), 2 second ($200), 2 third place ($100)
School (sum of top 3 scores): first ($300), second ($200), third ($100)

Programming Language

It is agnostic, the students are free to use Python, C++, or Java or indeed a variety of other languages. (If you plan on using a language other than Python/C/C++/Java, please let the organizers know in advance.) The code will be evaluated by the auto grader (a grading software).


Teachers, please let us know the total number of students, teachers, and parents that will join from your school in advance. Use this link for the registration.

Please contact Dr. Mahmut Unan (contest chair) for any possible question at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..