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Undergraduate Immunology Program College of Arts and Sciences | Heersink School of Medicine

The UAB Undergraduate Immunology Program (UIP) is designed for graduating high school seniors and college freshmen or sophomores with strong academic records and the motivation to pursue careers in biomedical science. Specifically, the UIP is co-sponsored by the UAB Heersink School of Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences and is appropriate for students who are interested in pursuing careers in:

  • medicine
  • health-related professions
  • research
  • science education
  • policy and
  • communication

Is Immunology Right for Me?

LabStudents Prospective immunology majors should:

  1. Have a desire to understand the molecular, cellular, and physiological processes that are important for the function of the immune system and its beneficial role in protection against infectious organisms and cancer, as well as its role in causing immune-mediated diseases.
  2. Want to conduct original research with the intention of pursuing research or health-related science careers.
  3. Strive for excellence in all academic pursuits while establishing collaborative and professional relationships with program faculty and staff.

Acceptance into the program is limited so that Immunology classes can remain relatively small and ensure one-on-one interaction with instructors and faculty mentors.

Academic Standards for Acceptance

High school students with a score of ≥28 on the ACT, or ≥1260 combined V+Q score on the SAT and a GPA ≥3.5 will be considered for immediate acceptance into the Undergraduate Immunology Program after your application is received and reviewed. These are similar to the UAB Honors College criteria.

  • Required and Recommended High School Coursework
    • Four years of English with continuous writing experience and one year of literature.
    • Four years of social studies.
    • Two years of foreign language (two years of the same foreign language is recommended).
    • Three years of mathematics (four years are recommended, selected from any combination of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus).
    • Three years of science (two or more years of laboratory sciences, including biology and chemistry).
  • Requirements for Current UAB Students

    Are you a current student at UAB who wants to be admitted into the Immunology program? You must have taken a freshman year curriculum that is compatible with the program and have:

    • an overall GPA average ≥3.0 after 24 credits of work at UAB, and
    • a GPA ≥3.25 in their biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics (MA 105 or higher) coursework.

How to Apply

High school students will be considered for acceptance into the program after you have submitted your application to UAB. You must select Immunology as your major in the application. If you are accepted into UAB and meet the UIP academic standards, you will be admitted into the program. If you do not meet the required UIP academic standards, you can still select Immunology as your major and can be designated "pre-Immunology." Your status will be evaluated after your freshman year. If at that time you meet the academic requirements for current UAB students (see above), you will be fully admitted into the program.

Questions About Admissions Requirements?

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