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(205) 934-2154
University Hall 4018

Research and Teaching Interests: Dynamical systems, Topology

Office Hours: T/TH 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.; and by appointment


  • B.S., Kharkov University (Ukraine), Mathematics
  • M.S., Kharkov University (Ukraine), Mathematics
  • Ph.D., Kharkov University (Ukraine), Mathematics

I was born in Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. My native language is Russian. I grew up in Kharkov, a city of 1.5 million in Eastern Ukraine. My family and I moved to Moscow and lived there until 1991, when we moved to the U.S.

I mostly do research in Dynamical Systems. It uses maps applied over and over (iterations of maps as these are called) to model processes and investigate how the latter can develop. I like this field of math because it is beautiful. If you ever come across the concepts or pictures of Julia sets or the Mandelbrot set, these are closely related to my area of interest. I am also interested in Topology, mainly planar Topology.

I teach Calculus using the so-called discovery method (or inquiry based method). It involves presentations made by students and requires active participation on their part. I also run a Fast Track Seminar and teach some graduate classes. I am a Red Cross donor, volunteer at Birmingham Humane Society and Children's Hospital, and an occasional tutor at local middle schools. With the help of Department of Mathematics at UAB I organize an annual UAB Math Talent Search contest that started in 2001.

Research Interests

  1. Beautiful results.
  2. Surprising discoveries.
  3. Less machinery needed.
  4. The fields are very intuitive and visual.

Recent Courses

Recently I have taught a few Calculus I classes and a graduate class of Topology. My teaching style includes strong student participation (including graduate courses such as Topology).

Select Publications

I have published over 70 scientific articles. The list of all of them as well as the majority of articles themselves can be found on my personal website. Below please find the list of nine of my most interesting (in my view) publications. Whenever possible I provide links to the papers in pdf format.