Cecilia Ballinger

I did not go into college expecting to come out a philosophy major - it just kind of happened. I took a philosophy class because it was required for a major I had planned on, and never stopped taking philosophy after that. I am now in law school at Alabama and my philosophy background has been a huge help. I am confident speaking up in my classes and articulating my opinions. My philosophy degree has also prepared me well to pull out meaning from complex readings and arguments. These skills, among others, have served me extremely well so far in law school.

As a philosophy major, I got to take interesting, engaging courses from wonderful professors and develop my passion into something I could pursue as a career. I was also able to combine philosophy with another major to customize my education in a way that would help me in my future schooling and career. To those even remotely considering philosophy, I would encourage them to try out a 100 or 200 level class that seems interesting. Fair warning: you might accidentally become a philosophy major.