John Medley

I came to UAB knowing that I wanted to go to law school after college. Although I came in as—and still am—a chemistry major, I had to take classes outside my major as electives. I wanted to sharpen my analytical and writing skills before law school and had heard that philosophy classes help one do so, so I signed up for an interesting-looking class titled PHL125, “Intro to Ethics,” with Dr. Brainard and was hooked almost immediately. I had never been exposed to topics like the value of justice, utilitarianism, and cultural relativism in high school, so this new world fascinated me. This world challenged me to examine my views cultivated by my upbringing and exposed me to different stances that shaped my understanding of how and why one should live morally. I enjoyed the class so much that I have since enrolled in three other philosophy courses and am now pursuing a philosophy minor.

Regardless of if you are pre-health, pre-law, pre-engineering, or pursuing a different field, the philosophy major or minor will benefit you. So many classes teach you what to think, but philosophy teaches you HOW to think through reading and analysis, an invaluable skill that can set you apart from your peers in any field. Additionally, the philosophy professors at UAB are outstanding, holding doctorates from world-renowned universities and having studied under many famous contemporary philosophers. The philosophy curriculum is flexible enough that almost anyone can pursue the major or minor and still graduate on time, so please consider taking a philosophy class next semester! It will change your world.