Department of Physics
Interested in what research projects and programs being carried out by the physics faculty? Below you will find the topics and associated department faculty members active in the UAB Department of Physics. More information on these and other research programs can be found at the faculty member's website, if one is listed.

Computational and Theoretical Physics

Ryoichi Kawai, Assoc. Professor
(205) 934-3931

David Shealy, Emeritus Professor
(205) 934-8068

Computational X-ray Science and Condensed Matter Physics
Cheng-Chien Chen, Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8659

Theory & computation of laser-induced femtosecond dynamics in correlated quantum materials
Ilias Perakis, Professor and Chair
(205) 996-9870

Experimental Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Nanostructured materials for Energy and Optoelectronic Technologies
Krishen Appavoo, Assistant Professor
(205) 934-0340

Emerging Materials for Energy Applications
Renato P. Camata, Associate Professor
(205) 934-8143

Nanostructured Biomaterials
S. Aaron Catledge, Associate Professor
(205) 934-3693

Correlated Electron Systems
David J. Hilton, Associate Professor
(205) 934-8189

Zero-and One-Dimensional Nanocomposites and Functional Structures
Andrei V. Stanishevsky, Associate Professor
(205) 934-8030

High Pressure Physics and Nanomaterials Research
Yogesh K. Vohra, Professor & University Scholar
(205) 934-6662

Functional Defects in Advanced Materials
Mary Ellen Zvanut, Professor
(205) 934-6661

Experimental Optics and Laser Physics

Ultrafast Microscopy
Krishen Appavoo, Assistant Professor
(205) 934-0340

Utrafast Optics
David J. Hilton, Associate Professor
(205) 934-8189

Non-linear Optics and Optical Sensing
Chris M. Lawson, Professor
(205) 975-5059

Novel Lasers and Applications
Sergey B. Mirov, University Professor
(205) 934-8088

Spectroscopy and Laser Cooling
Clayton Simien, Assistant Professor
(205) 934-8031

UAB Research Centers with Physics Faculty Affiliation