Department of Physics

lab01One of the exciting features of being a physics major in the UAB Department of Physics is the opportunity to become involved in cutting-edge research. Students are engaged in meaningful and significant research projects with physics faculty in the areas of material physics, lasers and optics, biophysics, computational physics, and astrophysics as well as in interdisciplinary programs with faculty in engineering and the UAB biomedical sciences. Students are encouraged to become involved in research early in their undergraduate careers, even as early as during their sophomore year.  Students demonstrating success in their research projects are encouraged to present their work at regional and national scientific meetings supported by departmental travel grants.

All research courses require submission of a form and departmental approval. To begin the process, contact Dr. Renato Camata (Undergraduate Program Director) and/or your physics professors for referrals to potential mentors. In addition, students can register for course credit for their research actvities.