• New Vendor Disclosure Statement

    Effective 1/1/19 UAB has a new Vendor Disclosure Statement (download).

The mission of UAB Financial Affairs is to provide a flexible, creative, and customer service-oriented approach to safeguarding UAB's financial integrity.

The Office of the UAB Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the administrative and financial management of the Division of Financial Affairs. The financial management of the University of Alabama at Birmingham is the focal point of the division of UAB Financial Affairs.

The Division of Financial Affairs oversees the university’s financial operations and activities by:

  • Establishing and communicating policies and procedures necessary to ensure the proper and efficient use of University resources.
  • Receiving and depositing funds due to the University.
  • Maintaining and processing the University's payroll.
  • Contracting and procurement of UAB goods and services.
  • Ensuring the prompt and proper settlement of University payments and commitments.
  • Maintaining the University's budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting systems.
  • Actively promote and ensure compliance with appropriate State/Federal financial regulations and tax laws.
  • Developing and monitoring systems which are designed to preserve University assets and report accurate financial results.

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