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Information for managers on NSF and NIH harassment reporting

The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health have implemented new measures over the last several years to ensure the research and learning environments they support are free from harassment. These measures include requiring awardee organizations to report findings and determinations of harassment and other conduct.

  • How does UAB ensure compliance with these requirements?

    The Office of Sponsored Programs (“OSP”) and Human Resources (“HR”) coordinate to provide the required harassment reporting to NSF and NIH.

  • What is my responsibility as a manager?
    • Reporting through appropriate channels any conduct that might constitute a violation of UAB policy
    • Immediately reporting allegations of harassment, bullying, retaliation, or hostile working conditions to HR
    • Supporting and helping facilitate official HR investigations and implementing any necessary interim or disciplinary measures
    • Managers are not responsible for reporting information directly to NSF or NIH.
  • Which forms of harassment must be reported to NSF and NIH?
    • NSF Requires awardee organizations to report findings of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other forms of harassment. This also includes reporting imposed administrative leave or action as part of a finding, investigation, or alleged violation
    • NIH requests for prior approval must mention whether changes are related to concerns about harassment, bullying, retaliation, or hostile working conditions. Notice is required within 30 days when a PD/PI or other Senior/Key personnel is removed from their position or otherwise disciplined due to the aforementioned concerns

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