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Getting from one side of town to the other can be as simple as going for a drive, but your journey was actually thought out, designed, and built by a good civil engineer. And with a PhD, you can gain the in-depth knowledge you need to be a successful leader in structural, transportation, and environmental engineering.

When you start our program, you'll meet with our graduate committee to identify a research topic and opportunities that meet your goals. Then, we'll map out your curriculum, which will include Principles of Scientific Integrity, Sediments Sources and Controls, Environmental Law, Theory of Plates and Shells, and Finite Element Methods. Because this program is offered jointly with the University of Alabama at Huntsville, two of your classes will be taken through their campus, although they can be web-based or distance learning if necessary. Finally, prior to your graduation, you will take a comprehensive exam, complete and defend a dissertation, and publish original research articles as first author.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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Dr. Nasim Uddin

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