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Interested in designing, planning, and operating modes of transportation and facilities? Then let us teach you about everything from highway construction to urban planning. With this certificate program, we want to give you a roadmap to career success.

In fact, to make you more versatile in the job market, we specifically planned this program through our civil, construction, and environmental engineering department. You'll take five classes, beginning with Introductory Transportation Engineering. Here, you'll learn about the function, influence, and operations of transportation systems, focusing primarily on highways. Then, you'll choose electives that cover topics such as highway materials, traffic flow theory, pavement design, urban and transportation planning, and more. In the end, you'll not only have your certificate, but you'll be able to apply up to 12 credit hours toward an MS in Civil Engineering here at UAB if you choose.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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Dr. Nasim Uddin

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