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For students looking to pursue careers in management and leadership within the healthcare industry, the MPH / MSHA provides education and training for wide variety of areas including health economics, strategic planning, health policy. Through an individualized MPH curriculum, students can receive a more expansive outlook on health issues facing the populations they will work with and better prepare themselves to overcome the challenges they will face in an ever-evolving healthcare industry.

The MPH/MSHA program is offered in conjunction with the UAB School of Health Professions. The MPH will provide students with a foundation in Public Health centered around the Evidence-based Public Health model and offer opportunities to focus additional training in areas such as healthcare organization, health behavior and program development, health policy, and many other complimentary areas of public health. The MPH portion of this program will share up to 12 credit hours of the MSHA program to assist in completion of this program in a timely manner and the MPH program can be completed online. Admission to this program requires the applicant apply to and be admitted to the UAB MSHA program before they apply to the coordinated program. More information about the MSHA program can be found on the UAB School of Health Professions website.


  • This program offers a concentration in Population Health and is administered through the Office of Student and Academic Services at the UAB School of Public Health.

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.


The MPH portion of this program can be taken online.

Program Director

Meghan Walker

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