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About the Program

The environment's role in public health is critical, and scientists like you who specialize in this field are in high demand. This degree can help you prepare for a career in academia, research, program management, risk assessment, or policy.

To begin, you’ll learn about a variety of core topics and then you’ll focus on a concentration that fits your particular interests, from industrial hygiene, environmental epidemiology, exposure assessment, air pollution, environmental justice, or environmental disasters. We'll teach you to identify and define key environmental health questions, design research studies to address these questions, and complete a program of research that demonstrates your abilities as an independent investigator. By the time you finish, we expect you to have gained an understanding of the main environmental issues regarding natural and manmade disasters; learned specific approaches for assessing, preventing, and controlling environmental hazards; and acquired many other skills that are important for upper-level positions in research, management, teaching, or consulting.

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Director

Julie Brown

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