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An instructional designer, simply put, teaches people how to teach other people. This program can help prepare you to create programs for schools, businesses, and other organizations so they can better train their own.

In fact, we've specifically designed our program to help prepare you to be able to cover a wide variety of materials. In your studies, you'll learn about topics such as trends in educational technology, instructional design principles, methods of analyzing and solving human performance problems, multimedia design, and strategies for creating instruction models. You'll take two courses at a time, both online, that run on a seven-week schedule. Best of all, we’re going to set you up with an internship to give you real-world experience. In the end, your internship and coursework will help provide projects for your digital portfolio and give you experience to include on your résumé.

Delivery Method

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

Program Director

Dr. Yvonne Earnshaw

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