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You want to teach English as a second language to kids and/or adults—¿sí? Trés bien. You can learn the skills you need to help people become bilingual, reduce illiteracy rates, and more.

Whether you want to teach adults, or kids as young as pre-K, we have the option that suits you. For instance, if you're a certified teacher, you can build on your experience with a traditional master's. Or, if you don't have a certificate, you can do the alternative master's program, which includes specific courses to introduce you to teaching. With either of these, we have a specific curriculum in place that includes courses such as Second Language Acquisition, Teaching ESL in a Multicultural Society, and Phonology for Second Language Teachers. However, if you're interested in teaching multicultural and adult learners, you may prefer to do our non-certification program. Here, your courses will include Community English Teaching, Teaching Adult Language Learners, and Grammar and Linguistics for ESL Teachers. No matter what path you choose, though, we're going to help you strengthen your résumé upon graduation with multiple opportunities for internships and field activities.


  • Alternative MAEd/ESL, P-12 cert. (ESL, ESL/French, ESL/Spanish)
  • Traditional MAEd/ESL, P-12 cert. (ESL, ESL/French, ESL/Spanish)
  • TESOL, non-certification (for teaching adult learners)
  • Delivery Methods


    This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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    Dr. Josephine Prado

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