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Fast Facts

  • Offered on-campus and online
  • Self-paced classes
  • Must have completed two years of high school

About the Program

If you’ve always been interested in learning the ins and outs of the fast-paced and influential field of real estate, then UAB’s Undergraduate Certificate in Real Estate is a great option to diversify your skills and prepare you for licensure.

Real estate is a fascinating industry with wide-ranging impacts on the overall economy. It can also be an excellent career choice. If you’re interested in getting your real estate license but need a flexible program that works within your already-busy schedule, then our five-course certificate is a great option. Our program also offers an internship program that can be located where you live for even more flexibility.

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

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