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International Non-US trained Dentists are eligible to apply for the International Pediatric Dentistry Certificate.

The intent of this program is to provide an intensive 36-month program of study to International dentists who desire to enhance their knowledge in the field of Pediatric Dentistry. The educational content of this program is same to the one offered to US/US trained Dentists. However, this International graduate program requires a Master of Science Degree.


The program will include lectures, seminars, patient care and research. Emphasis will be placed on providing a strong foundation in the areas of clinical, theoretical and research aspects of Pediatric Dentistry.

View Didactic Courses (pdf).


Applicants who possess a foreign D.M.D./D.D.S./B.D.S. or equivalent or are not US Citizen are eligible to apply (i.e., are not eligible for the stipend program). Documentation of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended and GRE or ADA National Board Part 1 are required. Furthermore, candidates that do not speak English as first language will be required to provide documentation of having passed TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Applicants must comply with all UAB international student requirements including, but not limited to, an affidavit from their financial sponsor; bank statement from sponsor’s financial institution, and applicable visa. Students are required to carry health insurance, furnish proof of health insurance and present certification of vaccination for, or immunity to, Hepatitis B. Students are not eligible for financial aid. Up to two applicants will be notified of acceptance in the program by January of each year through the AAPD Matching Program. The program begins July 1 but there is a mandatory orientation which begins the last week in June.

Length of Program

The International Certificate Program extends over a period of three years and leads to a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. In addition, the student is required to complete a 30 credit hour master’s degree in Clinical Dentistry through the Graduate School, of which, 12 hours will be transferred to the Graduate School from the School of Dentistry. In addition to completing didactic courses, students admitted to the Graduate School are required to complete a thesis based on original research. On successful completion of the requirements of the program and defense of a thesis, the candidate will be awarded a Master's Degree in Clinical Dentistry as well as a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry.

Tuition & Fees

For this certificate (non-degree) program, there will be tuition/program fee of $60,000 per year which will include dental school tuition and fees. In addition, students will be charged applicable Graduate School tuition and fees. There are some scholarship funds available for the graduate program which may be applied for but not guaranteed. Dental school and graduate school tuition and all program fees are subject to change annually. The Department of Pediatric Dentistry will provide a scholarship not to exceed $5,000 per year to support tuition/fees.

Each student will be required to purchase a laptop computer that can be encrypted to secure confidential student and patient information, instruments, camera, books, and other supplies as specified by the department. The total costs of these items could amount to approximately $5,000.

Upon notification of acceptance a deposit of $15,000 must be remitted. This is not refundable under any circumstances but is applied against the tuition charges at the time of matriculation.

This program must be completed in a 3 year period of time. Students needing additional time to complete the program will be required to register, pay all applicable SOD certificate program and/or Graduate School tuition and all applicable fees.

Required Application Materials

The processing fee, when applying through PASS, is $25 and undergraduate transcripts should be sent to the UAB Post-grad Admissions Office. International applicant, TOEFL score no more than 2 years old is required also. The processing fee should be paid by credit or debit card.

Additional Information

Program Director:
Dr. Janice G. Jackson
(205) 934-7016

Length of Program: 2 (Certificate) / 3 (MS) years

Match Participant: Yes

Pass Participant: Yes

Certificate Awarded: Yes

Degree Awarded: Optional, M.S. in Clinical Dentistry

Stipend Available: None

Tuition/fees: $60,000 / per year

International Students Accepted: Yes

Application Deadline: September 15th

Program Start Date: July 1st

Completion Rate: 100%

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