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roxford_photo6Presently, I am Assistant Professor of English Learner Education in UAB's Department of Curriculum and Instruction. I hold an undergraduate degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics, a master's degree in Instructional Systems Development/English for Speakers of Other Languages, and a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy, and Culture from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

My research focus, on Funds of Knowledge and biographical narratives in culturally diverse classrooms, explores the rich knowledge that students obtain in their homes and communities and how it is an asset in academic settings. I am currently part of an international research group studying uncertainty in the classroom. In part, we study how students from diverse backgrounds may decrease their level of uncertainty by drawing on their funds of knowledge when learning challenging academic content.

I currently teach EESL 612: Curriculum, Programs, and Policies, EESL 630: Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL, and EESL 660: Effective Teaching and Learning in the master's degree program for teaching ESL. I present nationally and internationally on connecting students' out-of-school experiences with academic content, equitable learning environments, and diverse family engagement.

As a new resident of Alabama, it is an honor to serve on the Alabama-Mississippi TESOL board where I bring the experience of having served on both the Maryland TESOL and the Carolina TESOL boards, including serving as Carolina TESOL Executive Board President (2019-2020). Drawing from my ESL and teacher education experiences and leadership, I look forward to collaborating with UAB faculty and staff to provide the type of teacher education programs that transform communities.

Email: lmedmond@uab.edu

Dr. Edmonds' Curriculum Vitae

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