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Richard Littleton round

I am a retired Alabama educator presently serving as a supervisor for UAB student teachers who are completing their master's degrees and certification in ESL. I also work part time as the internal evaluator for ESL federal grants. I joined the evaluation team for UAB's initial ESL grant projects (Project ACCESS, NTNS, Project EQUAL) following my retirement from public education in 2000. In 2007, I continued as the assistant evaluator for Shelby STARS and Project HEART grant projects. In 2012, I became the internal evaluator for the Etowah EDGE, Southeast ECHO and Project SPEAK grants and in 2016 for Project CREST. My expertise is in qualitative methods.

My educational background includes graduation from West End High School in the Birmingham City School System, an undergraduate degree from the School of Education and Human Sciences at Samford University in Birmingham, graduate degrees from the School of Education and Human Sciences at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, and a doctoral degree from the School of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

My wife of more than 50 years, Ina Carlisle Littleton, is also a retired Alabama educator. We live in Chelsea, AL along with our son Patrick. I enjoy working in my garden and doing projects around my home. My professional passion is to assist others in fulfilling their goals.

Email: rl2798@uab.edu

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