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cindyhuntI love teaching! I have served in public education for 30+ years in numerous roles. Presently, I am an adjunct instructor for the Graduate Degree Program for Teaching English as a Second Language at UAB. I also teach ESL in the English Language Institute at Columbus State University, Georgia. As a former public school educator, I had served in Decatur City Schools for 28 years, Auburn City Schools for 3 years, and as a regional EL coach with the Alabama State Department of Education. I also enjoy designing instruction and teaching in a "virtual classroom" for TESOL International. Away from the classroom, I enjoy designing, creating and delivering professional development for educators at local, district, state, national and international levels. I have been honored to regularly present at AMTESOL, SETESOL and TESOL conferences.

I love learning! I have a BS Education in comprehensive science education from Athens State University and an MAEd in Science Curriculum and Instruction from Auburn University. I hold Class A certifications in science and ESL. Most recently, I completed an EdS in Secondary Education, with an emphasis on physics.

I love growing! Professionally, I seek opportunities to support teachers as they develop a deeper understanding and development of practice that promotes the role of academic language development for all students. As a classroom teacher, I seek to strategically design and deliver instruction that promotes academic language development for All Language Learners and conceptual understanding of content.

I love designing! In 2009, I was honored to design and begin teaching EESL 650 Strategies for Teaching Math and Science to ELLs. In 2012, I was honored to be invited by TESOL International Association to design and begin teaching the online course, ESL for Secondary Science Teachers. Through all professional endeavors, I hope to continue learning, teaching and researching about how teachers' knowledge of academic language development influences instructional practices.

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