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The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a subscriber to The Journal of Faculty Development Ingenta Connect, which provides on-demand faculty development resources, including scholarly journals. The institutional subscription provides UAB faculty and staff with instant access to Ingenta content, current and archived. No account creation is required. Users must access the website from a device on the UAB network on campus or VPN when off campus.

Access The Journal of Faculty Development

On this page:
  1. UAB’s subscription requires you access the Journal of Faculty Development via UAB’s Wifi, Ethernet, or VPN. Verify that the system as recognized you as part of University of Alabama at Birmingham in the upper right.
  2. Navigate to the Journal of Faculty Development webpage hosted on Ingenta.

    If you do not see “Signed in as University of Alabama at Birmingham” at the top right of the page, verify that your device is connected to UAB’s wifi, ethernet or VPN and reload the page. In some instances, you may need to restart your browser and/or delete your browser cache. If it still does not recognize you as University of Alabama at Birmingham, please contact UAB eLearning for assistance.
  3. There will be a list of Volume ## with issue Number below (B). The issues that are accessible through UAB’s subscription have an S in a yellow box beside the blue link text. Click on the Number you wish to access.
    jfd 1
  1. Once you have chosen an issue, a table of contents will be presented. Click the blue link text (A) of the article name that you wish to read.
    jfd 1
    1. After selecting the article, click Download (A) to read it.
      jfd 1

The document will open in another window in your browser’s PDF viewer. The file is not downloaded. If you wish to keep it, save the file using the controls of the window you are reading it in.

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